Glamping, Helicopter Services Eyeing to Invest in Mount Rinjani



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - One of Indonesia’s exotic mountains known as the Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) has attracted the attention of two tourism service agencies, which has offered to invest in the area's tourism facilities. 

    On Tuesday, February 18, the Rinjani Glamping Indonesia (RGI) offered to establish an upper-class camping ground, known as “glamping,” at the national park area. The other tourism service firm, Airbus Helicopters Indonesia (AHI), is seeking a permit to establish a helicopter transport service in the TNGR. 

    In their presentation, RGI is offering to build a camping ground consisting of 15 semi-permanent deluxe tents that could accommodate six people and five family tents. The investment value of the offering is said to cost up to Rp4.55 billion and it plans to take up to four hectares of space. 

    “We intend to provide semi-permanent high-quality accommodation,” said RGI founder Disyon, who’s also the founder of a known outdoors brand, Consina. He also assures proper waste management. 

    “This will hopefully add to Mount Rinjani’s attraction,” said Disyon who eyes on tourists outside of dedicated hikers. 

    Meanwhile, Airbus Helicopters Indonesia (AHI) Corporate Aircraft Sales, Sussy Kusumawardhani, said the firm is planning to mobilize its Airbus H130 helicopter that has the capability to land with the absence of a dedicated helipad, which is hoped to preserve Mount Rinjani’s natural environment. 

    Sussy claims that Airbus adopts an environmentally-friendly business practice and “Will not damage the environment and the hiking community’s market.”

    Supporting infrastructures needed to support the helicopter service, she said, is set on three “stand-by” locations; Selaparang Airport in Mataram, Sembalun in East Lombok, and Gili in North Lombok. 

    Sussy said initial plans will see fourteen flights to Rinjani which adheres to the two optimal flight windows in the morning and afternoon. 

    According to the Head of the Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR), Dedy Asriady, RGI has actually obtained the environmental permit needed to establish the business since 2017. However, it takes a lengthy process of undergoing several other procedures up to the Environment and Forestry Ministry. 

    “We will also provide members of the public to respond to these investment plans,” said the TNGR Head.