Gov't Provides Rehabilitation for Perpetrator of Sexual Violence



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Directorate-general of public health at the Health Ministry has set a rehabilitation facility for perpetrators of sexual violence.

    "The facility is in the mental hospital. There is a therapy to lower libido of the individual with active hypersexual," said the ministry’s secretary of public health directorate-general Eni Gustina during a media talk at the Women Empowerment and Children Protection Ministry (PPPA) in Jakarta, February 22. 

    Eni said that the government not only view the sexual violence case from the victim’s perspective but also from the perpetrator’s since pornography addiction can be one of the causes.

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    Thehealthministry, shewent on, attempts to do promotiveandpreventiveefforts by screening pornographyaddiction. Therefore, theyproviderehabilitationcentersfortheperpetrators. 

    The PPPA ministry data recorded 7,238 sexual violence cases in 2018, while since 2014, the WOmen Commission reported that Indonesia is in sexual violence emergency state. The number of sexual violence case also increases every year.

    Based on the Women Commission annual report, there were 348,446 sexual violence cases that were reported and handled in 2017. The number also increased from the previous year at 259,150 cases.