PP Muhammadiyah Undeterred by Amien Rais` Political Pressures

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  • Haedar Nashir. TEMPO/Pius Erlangga

    Haedar Nashir. TEMPO/Pius Erlangga

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -  Haedar Nashir, the chairman of the country's second largest Islamic organization Muhammadiyah, said that in facing the 2019 presidential race the organization would not deviate from what it had stood for since it was established in Yogyakarta in 1912 by Kiai Haji Ahmad Dahlan.

    “Nothing has changed from Muhammadiyah and there never will be any change, Muhammadiyah will continue to stand on its initial identity and [what it stood for],” said Haedar.

    His statement is a response to Amien Rais’ statement that the latter would strongly warn Haedar if Muhammadiyah failed to make a clear political stand. 

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    Haedar maintained he would safeguard Muhammadiyah’s vision in refraining from practical politics and maintaining its neutrality.

    “Muhammadiyah will always keep its distance from the realm of practical politics and that is a principle that cannot be changed,” said Haedar.

    Earlier reports suggest that Amien Rais, an advisor of Muhammadiyah, has seemingly pressured the current Muhammadiyah leader to pick a side in the 2019 presidential election.