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10 Things to Do Before Buying Cheap Holiday Flights  
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Tuesday, 05 December, 2017 | 14:26 WIB
10 Things to Do Before Buying Cheap Holiday Flights  

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Getting ready for year-end holidays? Maybe you also have started hunting cheap tickets to complement your traveling.

But cheap tickets do not always perfect your vacation, unless you also prepare these following 10 things. The global travel search company, Skycanner, shares tips on preparing for travel with cheap tickets:


1. Plan your time of departure

Buying cheap airline tickets often leads you to travel on an unplanned date. Check the departure date at least three times to ensure that you can travel at that time and date, since the promo air tickets are usually non-refundable.

If consumers are not keen on checking the date of departure, it is likely that they end up spending more money because they have to change the time of departure after the tickets are purchased. In fact, it would be better if they buy a slightly more expensive ticket, but have more flexible terms and conditions.


2. Choose the right day

Perhaps many consumers are not aware of it yet, but a one-day difference alone can have a significant effect on the price of a plane ticket. Avoid traveling on weekends because plane tickets tend to be more expensive and airports are also fuller when compared to normal days.


3. Compare airline options

Many airlines in Indonesia are offering promotions in certain periods, especially on popular routes such as Jakarta or Bali. Check the online travel search engine to compare the airlines available and the cheapest rates they offer.

Sometimes, less popular airlines can offer better prices for budget conscious travelers.


4. Consider the peak holiday period

Keep in mind that traveling during peak holidays such as Christmas or Eid al-Fitr means you will face a more bustling crowds of tourists, especially in Indonesian tourist magnet sites such as Bali and Lombok.

Choose a holiday destination that is not too famous so your holiday journey can be more memorable. To keep you away from the headache of stuck in traffic jams, try visiting Medan, Belitung, Labuan Bajo, Bandar Lampung, or Manado.

These local destinations tend to be quieter in the holiday season, but still have many opportunities and tourism potentials.


5. Plan a holiday schedule

Make a list of the places you want to visit in your holiday destination. Do your research first before leaving so you do not miss the famous attractions just because less planning.

This small-time study will also determine the length of your stay before purchasing a plane ticket.


6. Prepare transportation options

Getting a plane ticket does not mean your vacation planning is over. You should also think about land transportation options in your destinations. This is especially true in places where only limited public transport options are available.

You can save money by booking an airport shuttle vehicle and rent a car first. Make sure you compare each car rental provider price on the web to find options within your budget.


7. Book lodging

If the holiday is not well planned, your comfort and budget aspects could be the ones getting sacrificed. Therefore, do your research well and book accommodation early to avoid disappointment and complaints.

If traveling in a group, you can save your budget by booking a villa online compared to reserving a hotel room for each person. It will also make your holiday experience more memorable.


8. Think about travel insurance

Insurance is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of most Indonesian tourists. If you do not want to take the risk with your planning, be sure to buy travel insurance along with your cheap airline purchase.

Of course, no one wants an unexpected event to happen, but you can make sure everything is safeguarded by insurance if the flight is suddenly canceled or your baggage is in trouble.


9. Prepare enough cash

Not all places accept credit cards, especially in less-known tourist destinations. Therefore, you need to be careful in arranging your vacation budget and prepare enough cash for your food, shopping, and transportation needs during your vacation.

In addition, minimizing expenses from plane tickets can make it easier for you to prepare cash.


10. Re-check your visa needs

At this point, you should have checked the visa requirements for your destination. But to make sure everything is okay, try checking it out again. Do not forget, when your flight drops in a country before reaching the final destination, you may need a transit visa.

Visa requirements often change and our best advice is to check your travel agents, flights, and embassies (or their official website) on a regular basis before purchasing a plane ticket. Remember that carrying the proper letters before traveling is the personal responsibility of every passenger.


If you have done good research and planning before buying a plane ticket, then everything will be easier. You no longer have to deal with travel barriers in general.

After that, you can release all the burden and enjoy the journey optimally. Do not try to take care of all the details when the journey has started. Just be relax and fill your social media with fun pictures of your vacation.




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