Businesses Reject Ban on Plastic Bags

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  • Plastic bags. Image: Shutterstock

    Plastic bags. Image: Shutterstock

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Plastic Industry Association (Inaplas) deputy chairman Suhat Miyarso rejected the ban on plastic bags regulated by several regional heads.

    “Inaplas urged that the policy be replaced by the efforts to improve the performance of waste management with all stakeholders,” Suhat said while holding a press conference in Jakarta, Tuesday, December 12.

    Suhat stated that Inaplas appreciated the government’s efforts in handling the waste problem, as well as being concerned about the behavior of the plastic users that are neglecting the environment.

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    “We all understand that the problem of plastic bags is not caused by plastic material, but by a bad waste management system,” he said.

    According to Suhat, the used plastic still has economic value that can be recycled, reused or reprocessed, so as to produce new business for the community.

    “The contamination will still occur if the waste management is not being improved,” said Suhat. In addition, the ban is considered to have the potential to stop the investment plan in the domestic plastic sector, where Indonesia basically still needs plastic.

    “If there is no production in the country, then imports are permitted. Thus, the goal will not be achieved,” he said.

    Suhat said that Small and Medium Industries (IKM) is predicted to be directly affected by the ban on plastic bags.