Setara Institut Survey: Jakarta as Third Most Intolerant City

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Setara Institute survey places Jakarta as the third most intolerant city. The Research Director of Setara Institute, Halili Hasan said Jakarta had a bad score among the 94 other cities surveyed in Indonesia.

    “Jakarta gets the lowest score in the variable of administration actions and social regulation,” Halili said, as quoted by Koran Tempo, Monday, December 10.

    The survey was conducted from November 2017 to October 2018. There were four variables measured, namely City Administration Regulation, Administration Actions, Social Regulations, and Religious Demographics. Included in the first variable are the Regional Medium Term Development Plan and discriminatory policies.

    While the statements and real actions of key officials when the event of intolerance occurred, included in the second variable. The third variable, Social Regulation, contains tolerance events as well as the dynamics of civil society related to events of intolerance.

    Some intolerant cases in Jakarta that were noted were the hate speech in the case of the former Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok and the persecution experienced by mothers and children on Car Free Day #2019ReplacePresident.

    The following is a ranking list of tolerance and intolerance cities in Indonesia from the survey conducted through the method of asking questions and technical triangulation of source and meeting with experts. The ranking follows a scale of 1-7.

    Top 10 most intolerant cities:

    1. Tanjung Balai (score: 2.817)

    2. Banda Aceh (score: 2.830)

    3. Jakarta (score: 2.880)

    4. Cilegon (score: 3.420)

    5. Padang (score: 3.450)

    6. Depok (score: 3.490)

    7. Bogor (score: 3.533)

    8. Makassar (score: 3.637)

    9. Medan (score: 3.710)

    10. Sabang (score: 3.757)

    Top 10 most tolerant cities:

    1. Singkawang City (score 6.513).

    2. Salatiga City (score 6.477)

    3. Pematang Siantar (score 6.280)

    4. Manado (score 6.030)

    5. Ambon (score 5.960)

    6. Bekasi (score 5.890)

    7. Kupang (score 5.857)

    8. Tomohon (score 5.833)

    9. Binjai (score 5.830)

    10. Surabaya (score 5.823).

    Source: Setara Institute