Unknown Armed Men Kill Dozens of Workers in Papua

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    Image: tabloidjudi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A group of armed men is believed to have murdered 31 workers at the Trans Papua construction site located at Nduga District, Papua. The Papua Police is currently investigating the possible planned execution.

    According to the Papua Police, the killing began when the armed group killed 24 workers which are employees of state-owned PT Istaka Karya. The remaining 8 people that managed to rescue themselves after seeking refuge at a Legislative Member’s house were picked up by the armed group, which followed with the killing of seven people.

    One of the workers that managed to flee is yet to be found.

    Papua Police Spokesman Grand Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal said that police have mobilized its joint team comprised of police and Army Forces.

    “We are always prepared to evacuate the victims and arrest the suspects,” said Ahmad in a written statement on Monday, December 3.

    News about the killings initially broke out after it was announced by Pastor Wilhelmus Kogoya, a known figure at the Yigi district where the bloody scene took place. The murders were strongly suspected to take place on Sunday, December 2.