Proven of Match Fixing, PSSI`s Exco Member Hidayat Resigns

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Through the organization’s official website, Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI) Executive committee (Exco) member Hidayat announced his resignation on Monday, December 3, at the Hotel Sultan in Jakarta, after proven involved in match fixing.

    Hidayat claims that it is the best decision to take upon relieving his and PSSI’s moral burden. His resignation reduces the number of PSSI Exco to just 14 members.

    “I announce my resignation from the Exco membership. This is a consequence. I will step down if deemed guilty by the Komdis,” he said. “I will leave behind my status as an Exco member, I want to be trialed as Hidayat.”

    He further expects that the disciplinary committee (Komdis) would conduct provide a fair trial for him and maintained that he will accept any decision that the Komdis will take. “Despite not being an Exco member anymore, I want to improve Indonesia’s football,” he said. continues to report its progress on fighting against any form of match-fixing within a football game held in Indonesia and hopes that everyone can get involved to eradicate such practices.