Indonesian Culinary Expo 2018 Held in Jeddah

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    culinary festival illustration.

    TEMPO.CO, Jeddah - A variety of Indonesian culinary presented at 2018 Made in Indonesia Expo in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, received good responses, both from local residents and Indonesian citizens who had long settled in Saudi Arabia.

    “I intentionally came to enjoy culinary from Indonesia, I love Malay cuisine,” said Eman Radi, a Saudi Arabian citizen in Jeddah, Friday night, November 30. “The taste is same as the taste of Indonesian cuisine,” he added.

    Eman Radi is most addicted to the spicy taste of Indonesian cuisine. “I love dendeng (Indonesian jerked meat), rendang, and fried rice. I am happy because I can find the dishes at an event like this,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Jamilah, an Indonesian citizen who has lived 18 years in Saudi Arabia was also very happy to be able to enjoy all Indonesian cuisine. “I want to try all of it. I have missed Indonesian cuisine,” said the woman from Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

    Jamilah claimed to know the event from Instagram. She intentionally came to Jeddah. “To just enjoy Indonesian cuisine,” she said. 

    Made in Indonesia Expo 2018 also provides Indonesian specialties, including meatballs, Soto Betawi, fried rice, and geprek chicken. At the price of 8 riyals (Rp30,000), the visitors can enjoy a bowl of meatballs, a portion of special fried rice, or a portion of rice and side dishes. The event is ended on Saturday, December 2.