Monday, 23 September 2019

Ridwan Kamil Launches Zero-Interest Credit Program

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  • Ridwan Kamil

    Ridwan Kamil

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil has launched the credit program dubbed Kredit Mesra (Kredit Masyarakat Ekonomi Sejatera Credit) which he claimed without interest and collateral. He synergized with the management of worship houses in running the credit program.

    “Why? Because Indonesian people are religious and houses of worship located everywhere,” said Ridwan Kamil today, November 27during the program launching in Al-Hikmah Mosque, Cibeber Village, Leuwiliang, Bogor District.

    The Kredit Mesra, Ridwan said, was provided for the community and entrepreneurs of micro, small, medium enterprises (MSMEs) without collateral and interest. The requirement was “only a recommendation letter from the management of the prayer house around their residence,” he explained.

    During the launching event, Ridwan Kamil delivered Kredit Mesra to 78 people from five mosques and one temple in Bogor, with a total value at Rp150 million. The people willing to obtain the credit must ask for a recommendation letter from the management of the worship houses that were registered in the Religious Institution Council.

    The credit ceiling ranged from Rp500,000 up to Rp5 million per person. However, for now, only a group of 5-10 people could request for the credit.

    The province-owned bank BJB president director Ahmad Irfan said his side would establish training as well as monitor the creditor as the program requirement. The credit would have zero interest and collateral, yet administration fee was required based on the credit term of 12 months.

    “The program is initiated because of social phenomenon in the community, especially in regions that lack funding that they are trapped in informal lending with high interest,” said Ahmad Irfan today, November 27.