Jokowi Expects MRT Jakarta Ticket Price Set at Rp8,000

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  • Replica of Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT).

    Replica of Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT).

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President Joko Widodo or Jokowi mentioned the ticket price that will be charged to the public when the capital`s Mass Rapid Transit or MRT Jakarta operated.

    “The tariff is approximately around Rp8,000 to Rp9,000,” said Jokowi at the MRT Jakarta Depot, Lebak Bulus, Tuesday, November 6.

    Jokowi ensured the existence of MRT Jakarta as the mode of mass transportation has an economic impact on the community. “[It is] obviously more efficient,” he said.

    The president stated that MRT Jakarta must also be integrated with other modes of transportation, such as light rail transit (LRT), airport trains, TransJakarta, Kopaja, and urban transportation so that congestion in the Greater Jakarta area can be reduced.

    "It can reduce the use of private cars in Greater Jakarta. Moreover, the electronic road pricing (ERP) policy will reduce more traffic congestion,” he said.

    President Director of PT Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta William Sabandar said that he was still discussing with the Jakarta provincial administration regarding the ticket price to be set for the MRT.

    William said based on the study of consultants, it was agreed at Rp8,500 per 10 kilometers. However, the price is not final and is still being reviewed.