AFD joins Blue Action Fund to Support Conservation Projects

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  • TEMPO/Johannes P. Christo

    TEMPO/Johannes P. Christo

    TEMPO.CO, Nusa Dua - On October 28, The Agence Française De Développement (AFD) joined the Blue Action Fund by providing a EUR 2.5 Million grant to reinforce the Blue Action Fund’s efforts to reducing the dramatic loss of marine biodiversity and to advancing local development. The grant agreement was signed today by AFD Country Director for Indonesia Mr. Emmanuel Baudran and Mr. Markus Knigge Executive Director of the Blue Action Fund.

    Blue Action Fund’s approach is not to create a new actor in implementing ocean conservation, but rather a new financial partner for NGOs who are successfully working in these fields. The fund provides grants to NGO implement marine conservation projects in the most sensitive coastal waters in Africa, Latin America and Asia/Pacific.

    The AFD’s strategic priorities align with the actions endorsed by the Blue Action Fund which is to scale up the bintervention for conservation and sustainable management of marine and coastal areas. Emmanuel Baudran has stated “NGOs play an important role in promoting the marine and coastal ecosystem conservations in the developing countries. AFD’s contribution to the Blue Action Fund will help support their efforts to conserve the ocean and coastline on those vulnerable areas”

    Markus Knigge added: “The ocean belongs to no one - we all share responsibility for it. So we are excited that the AFD has joined Blue Action Fund, and look forward to combining knowledge, resources and determination to safeguard the oceans for future generations.”

    AFD will participate in the Supervisory Board for a 3 year period led by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the KfW Development Bank (KfW), and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. This collaboration will mark new partnership framework that balance economic growth with environment and social development. Blue Action Fund launched today also a new call for proposals with a focus on the East Asia Seas, including amongst others the waters of Indonesia. The current expectation is that Blue Action Fund will award four to six grants from this call with a total volume of up to EUR 12 million.

    About the Blue Action Fund:

    Blue Action Fund supports national and international non-governmental organizations in their efforts to conserve the oceans and coastlines in the developing world. While their critical importance is well understood, human pressure continues and oceans and coasts are under severe threat. Additional funding is necessary so that existing conservation efforts can be continued and scaled up and new ones commenced. To respond to the need for new financial resources, in December 2016 the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through the KfW Development Bank (KfW), established the Blue Action Fund. In June 2017, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs joined as a donor.

    About AFD:

    AFD is an inclusive public financial institution and the main actor in France’s development policy. It makes commitments to projects that genuinely improve the everyday lives of people, in developing and emerging countries and in the French overseas territories.

    AFD works in many sectors – energy, health, biodiversity, water, digital technologies, training – and supports the transition to a safer, more equitable and more sustainable world: a world in common. Its action is fully in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Regarding the maritime domain, AFD works along with its partners to manage this resource sustainably, support the fishery and aquaculture sectors, and protect marine and coastal ecosystems.

    Through its network of 85 agencies, AFD operates in 109 countries and is currently supporting over 3,600 development projects.

    AFD started its operations in Indonesia in 2007 with a mandate focusing on the fight against climate change. Since then, it has mobilized more than € 2 bn of financing in Indonesia and aims at contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to preserve common goods.