Bantargebang Garbage Smells Up to 10 Kilometers

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  • TEMPO.CO, Bekasi - The smell of garbage from Bantargebang Integrated Waste Management Site (TPST) spread far away. There were four disposal zones in the Waste Management Facility or TPST, all of which have been filled with up to 40 meters of garbage.

    A resident in Mustikasari Village, Mustikajaya District, Fajar Setiawan, said he smelled the garbage from Bantargebang every morning. “If there is wind, it [smell] gets here,” said Fajar, Monday, October 22.

    In fact, the distance of Fajar’s house to the Bantargebang TPST reached 10 kilometers. He and other residents smell the Bantargebang garbage since last year. “Maybe because the garbage increases a lot, it smells everywhere,” he said.

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    Bekasi City Legislative Council DPRD Commission I member, Ariyanto Hendrata, said that the waste management at Bantargebang TPST did not implement environmentally friendly processing technology or was still open dumping.

    “The application of technology is part of the agreement with Jakarta Administration, but it was not realized,” he said, Monday, October 22.

    The Mayor of Bekasi, Rahmat Effendi, said the volume of garbage in the Bantargebang TPST currently reached 300,000 cubic meters. This number will continue to grow considering that every day Jakarta sends its garbage of 7000 tons using 1000 trucks every day.