Ridwan Kamil: Meikarta Permit Not Authority of West Java

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  • West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. TEMPO/Ahmad Faiz

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. TEMPO/Ahmad Faiz

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said the permit of Meikarta project was not the authority of his administration, but Bekasi regency government. The permit in question was related to spatial planning, environmental impact analysis, and the building.

    “The provincial government has an authority to recommend the spatial planning offered by Bekasi administration,” said Ridwan Kamil through his Instagram account @ridwankamil, Sunday, Oct 21. The recommendation was used as a reference for the land allotment.

    According to Ridwan Kamil, the previous administration had issued the letter related to the satellite city project in Bekasi Regency. However, the recommendation did not aim for whole lands, which was 143 hectares from previously planned 500 hectares.

    “The provincial administration in the era of the previous governor had issued a recommendation for 85 hectares. Thus, no administration issue for that,” Ridwan Kamil noted.

    Earlier, Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Sofyan Djalil said the case involving Meikarta director boards was related to other permits issue in the regional level. “We only manage the spatial planning, substance permit, and monitoring matter,” he added. “Thus far, only 84 hectares have met the permit.”

    The permit of Meikarta project owned by Lippo Group dragged down Bekasi Mayor Neneng Hasanah Yasin. The Golkar politician was suspected to receive bribes to expedite the permit issuance.

    Following the arrest, KPK closed several offices in Public Works and Spatial Planning Agency, including the room owned by the agency head, Jamaludin.