6 Islands in Lampung for Weekend Getaways

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  • Mangrove forest on Pahawang Island, Pesawaran regency, Lampung. TEMPO/Nurochman Arrazie

    Mangrove forest on Pahawang Island, Pesawaran regency, Lampung. TEMPO/Nurochman Arrazie

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - You must have heard the beautiful underwater of Pahawang Island, aren’t you? Well, it turns out Pahawang is not the only tourist destination in Pesawaran regency, Lampung.

    Many islands in Lampung are worth visiting on the weekend considering its close proximity to Jakarta. Tempo has outlined six islands for your next weekend getaway:

    1. Pahawang Island

    Pahawang island can be reached in 30 minutes from Ketapang Pier by boat. Pesawaran regency has 37 islands offering magnificent ocean views at affordable prices you can visit on the weekend if you live in Jakarta or Lampung.

    2. Kelagian Lunik Island

    From Pahawang Island, you can take a boat to Kelagian Lunik Island in 30 minutes. The island is covered with white sands, green hills, and tourists’ most hunted sunset view.

    3. Tanjung Putus

    The locals say the island is part of Sumatra Island, thus it is called Tanjung Putus, which means broken foreland. Located in Punduh Pidada district, only few houses are built on the island and they are available for rent.

    4. Lok Island

    The island is also located in Punduh Pidada district. The Lok island is renowned for its white sands. Tourists are commonly seen lying on the beach.

    5. Balak Island

    Balak Island is close to Lok Island and known as a great snorkling spot thanks to its various types of corals and other marine creatures. This island is only an hour away from Ketapang Pier.

    6. Lunik Island

    Lok Island, Balak Island, and Lunik Island are known as triumvirate islands as they are close to one another. You can visit those three islands in one trip. Compared to Lok and Balak, Lunik is the smallest island. The island offers white sands and clear waters, so snorkeling is a must here.