Sexual Abuse on Girls Unrelated to Clothes They Wear

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  • An illustration of child exploitation.

    An illustration of child exploitation.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Girls mostly become the victim of sexual abuse in the public area as social norms are still harassing or demeaning women. In International Day of the Girl (IDG) on October 11, the Foundation of Plan International Indonesia attempted to educate the public on various issues such as sexual abuse against girls. 

    Sexual abuse is sexual activities, either physically or non-physically, such as catcalling, flirt, sexual-related comments, poke or touch on a body part, sexual move, or any moves or things that make other feel inconvenient, offended, and degraded. However, sexual abuse cases commonly blame the victims due to the clothes they wear.

    Meyta Nurul Aini, one of the participants of #SehariJadiPemimpin (a day to be a leader) in 2018 IDG, recalled her story on being sexually abused. 

    “I was catcalled in a governmental library in Jakarta at which I considered a safe place and filled with educated people. The security and office boy there were catcalling me even at that time I wore covered clothes,” said Meyta in South Jakarta, Monday, October 8.

    Contrary to days during her vacation in Bandung, Meyta said no one harassed her although she wore revealing clothes. According to Meyta, without separating Jakarta and Bandung people, this proved that sexual abuse did not correlate to the clothing.

    Meanwhile, Lily Puspasari as the Programme Specialist at UN Women in Indonesia for gender equality and women empowerment explained people have actually admitted many numbers of girls who experienced discrimination and sexual abuse.

    Therefore, further education and clearer policies or official regulations on the penalty for suspects of sexual assaults are required.