Transjakarta`s PSO Subsidy Slashed to Rp8 Billion

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The city transportation firm PT Transportasi Jakarta or Transjakarta often underwent subsidy cut of public service obligation (PSO) from Jakarta Transportation Agency. Throughout 2018, Transjakarta's subsidy had been cut around Rp8 billion in 2018.

    The agency’s land transportation head Masdes Arouffy said the PSO cut in the first quarter of 2018 amounted to Rp4.3 billion and in the second quarter at Rp4 billion. Transjakarta this year was expected to cater 1 million passengers a day with the PSO subsidy up to Rp3.2 million from the city administration.

    Masdes explained the penalty was imposed not only due to a number of accidents committed by Transjakarta buses, but also the regional firm failed to meet the target of the minimum service standard (SPM) set by Jakarta.

    “The sanction due to accidents has a special rule,” said Masdes as quoted from Koran Tempo edition of Wednesday, October 10.

    According to him, the higher the PSO cut means lower performance of Transjakarta as it failed to meet SPM targets. The indicator of SPM included the safety on bus operations, bus arrival time between buses or headway, bus temperature, supporting facilities in bus shelter such as the lightning, and the cleaning services.

    Masdes further mentioned that the sanction of PSO cut due to bus accidents depended on the victims, whether the accident caused light injuries, severe injuries, or death. The figure varied based on the aftermath of the accident.