Ratna Sarumpaet: I`m the Best Hoax Creator

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  • Outspoken antigovernment activist, Ratna Sarumpaet. TEMPO/Subekti.

    Outspoken antigovernment activist, Ratna Sarumpaet. TEMPO/Subekti.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Activist Ratna Sarumpaet said that the circulating report about her being assaulted was a lie. She claimed that the lie, which went viral and sparked reactions from the public, was said to conceal the cosmetics procedures she underwent from her children.

    "It turns out I had become the best hoax creator; my lie had caused an uproar in this nation," she said in Jakarta, Wednesday, October 3.

    Ratna said she told the lie to her family when asked why her face was bruised and swollen. As she didn't want to say she had a cosmetics procedure done to her cheeks, she said she was beaten by some people.

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    "When I got home, I needed a reason to tell my children why my face was bruised. I told them I was hit by several people," she said. 

    She didn't think the lie would spread outside her family--including to her political allies including Prabowo Subianto's camp.

    She also admitted that because of that, she repeated the lie--saying the same thing to people outside her family circle, including Fadli Zon, Prabowo, and Amien Rais.

    Ratna Sarumpaet apologized to everyone affected by her lies. "Especially to Mr.  Prabowo Subianto, whom I am rooting for [as president], and my friends at Koalisi 02. I am sorry for my foolishness," she said.

    Taufiq Siddiq