Bangka Belitung Fires 22 Civil Servants Convicted of Corruption

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Bangka Belitung provincial government initiated a clean-up against civil servants (PNS) convicted of corruption. As a result, it has terminated 22 people that were named convicts of corruption.

    “We finalized their termination as of today. We currently have data of 22 civil servants that were already named as convicts of corruption,” said Bangka Belitung administration secretary Yan Megawandi today, September 6.

    Yan Megawandi said that the administration is still collecting the convicts’ records since the administration has yet received a complete report from the court. 

    “We plan on calculating the state’s loss since we have yet paid their wage and allowances,” said Yan.

    As of the region’s performance, Yan claims that the firing of the 22 corruption convicts will not affect Bangka Belitung province. “We have a plethora of employees with various areas of expertise,” said Yan.

    However, Yan did state that the majority of complaints coming from the convicts are about their role in the corruption scheme. Many claimed that their involvement was merely signing official government papers and that they deeply object if they are discharged from office.