Susi Pudjiastuti Targets Illegal Fishing to End in September

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, targets the activities of illegal fishing done by foreign parties will end within a month or until September.

    This was done after the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs suspected that Philippines companies still fishing illegally in Indonesia to meet the fish supply in Gensan Santos City Port, Philippines.

    “The modes of illegal fishing need to become our concern, especially for the Indonesian Navy, PSDKP, POLAIR and Bakamla. I also ask the judiciary to give maximum punishment so that it will not reoccur,” Susi Pudjiastuti, Tuesday, August 21.

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    The illegal fishing is done in various ways, Susi exemplifies that Filipino ships used Pakura or Small Boats.

    The Filipino shipmen living around Palau Island get Pakura from Philippine companies and then they conducted the illegal fishing in Indonesia. They then transported the catch in the middle of the sea on Philippine ships.

    In addition, Filipino ships named in Indonesian, such as Makmur 10, Tri Rezeki 08, and Tri Rezeki 09, in order to be acknowledged as Indonesian-owned vessels. Next September, Susi Pudjiastuti will gather law enforcement officials to ensure the settlement of the illegal fishing issue.

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