Public Deems TNI, Police, Neutral in 2018 Regional Elections

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  • Diorama of West Java regional election. TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    Diorama of West Java regional election. TEMPO/Prima Mulia

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Sixth Indonesian president-cum-Democrat Party chairman Susilo "SBY" Bambang Yudhoyono has publicly complained about the way the military (TNI) and the police dealt with the 2018 regional elections, or Pilkada, which he said was prejudiced.

    Tempo readers have shown high interest in the same issue brought to light by SBY in our latest poll, which was held from June 25 to July 2. The voters were split on how Indonesia’s police and the TNI handled the simultaneous regional elections.

    Out of 1,184 readers participating in the poll, 627 people (52.96 percent) viewed that the country’s police and the TNI were neutral in the elections, while 518 people (43.75 percent) considered both institutions to be biased, and 39 people (3.29 percent) were undecided.

    However, during a press conference on the West Java gubernatorial candidacy campaign on June 23, SBY had openly alleged that Indonesia’s intelligence (BIN), the TNI and the police were partisan in the elections. 

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    “What I am saying here is the elements of prejudice shown not by the institutions, but by certain individuals at BIN, the TNI and the police,” said SBY in Bogor on Saturday, June 23.

    SBY further explained that the lack of independence was evident during the Jakarta gubernatorial election, where Sylviana Murni, the deputy governor hopeful the Democrat backed, were repeatedly summoned by the police. 

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    SBY went on to say that there was also attempted incrimination against him in the case that led to the imprisonment of Antasari Azhar, a former Corruption Eradication Commission chief.

    Presidential chief of staff Moeldoko has shrugged off SBY's allegations. “I can guarantee the neutrality of the TNI and the police,” he said.