Pilkada 2018; Makassar Election Plagued with Alleged Manipulation

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    Regional Election

    TEMPO.CO, Makassar - Commissioner of Makassar`s General Election Commission (KPU) Abdullah Mansyur said that the commission admitted of making a mistake in inputting the data of KPU’s quick count in the Makassar Regional Head Election (Pilkada). 

    He said the mistake means that the quick count result is not official, “We should just wait for the official result from the KPU,” said Mansyur in Makassar yesterday, June 29.

    The KPU Makassar decided that the recapitulation result is currently still being completed in the district level. “The results shown on the website is plagued with errors at the voting station (TPS) level,” he promised that he would fix the result once the data is recapitulated at every district.

    The last percentage that was shown on KPU’s website before the site crashed last night up to 23:25 was 80.41 percent from 2,147 TPS compiled from a total of 2,670 TPS. It showed that Munafri-Andi only received 47.50 percent votes compared to the empty vote ballot that generated 52.50 votes.

    The server was not able to be accessed after the vote count was conducted on the district level. 

    South Sulawesi’s Pemuda Pancasila independent monitoring team found several indications of violations in the 2018 Makassar Pilkada. Results that favored the empty ballot box had suddenly changed course and favored the lone pair of candidate Munafri Arifuddin-Andi Rachmatika Dewi, which contradicted the team’s monitoring team results.  

    Didit Hariyadi