Crowdfunding for Elections, How Much is Prabowo`s Wealth?

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A few days ago, Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto raised a crowdfunding for the Election of Regional Head and the Presidential Election. Because of this, many people said that Prabowo could be underfunded for the campaign, but Gerindra Party denied that, however, that also raises the question,: how much is Prabowo's total wealth actually is?

    Prabowo reported his wealth last time on May 20, 2014, when running for president. In the report, the total assets reached Rp1.6 trillion and US$7.5 million more. The amount of his wealth makes him the richest candidate compared to other candidates at the time.

    Prabowo's total wealth consists of immovable property in the form of land and buildings worth Rp105 billion. Moving assets in the form of vehicles reached Rp1.4 billion.

    Moving assets in the form of agriculture, plantation, and mining reached Rp12 billion. In addition, he also has a collection of antique art goods worth Rp3 billion.

    However, the biggest contributor to Prabowo's wealth is in the form of securities. He was recorded to have securities worth Rp1.5 trillion and US$7.5 million.

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    Meanwhile, assets in the form of demand deposits and other cash equivalents, namely Rp20 billion and US$3,000. The amount of his wealth must be reduced by a debt of only Rp28 million. With that, the amount of Prabowo's wealth at that time reached Rp1,670,392,580,402 and US$7,503,134.

    Previously, Prabowo’s colleague, Kivlan Zen, had doubted about Prabowo's financial ability. According to the former Chief of Staff of the Army Strategic Reserves Command, the amount of Prabowo's property is still less than Gatot Nurmantyo, former Commander of the Indonesian National Army.

    "Gatot dares to sell his assets, Prabowo does not, and now Prabowo does not dare to show up," Kivlan was quoted as saying by Tempo Magazine on April 22, 2018 edition.

    Prabowo's decreasing financial issue was also mentioned by the West Java governor candidate Deddy Mizwar. Deddy had participated in the selection of candidates for governors in Gerindra Party. On one occasion, Deddy said, Prabowo told me that he no longer has the money to run as a presidential candidate.

    Prabowo's brother, Hashim Djojohadikusumo, also admitted that logistics became one of his siblings' considerations to compete in 2019 presidential election. The criteria for the vice-presidential candidate that Prabowo will hold include the ability to provide financial resources.

    "If the candidate has the access to logistics, thank God, Praise the Lord," Hashim said, on last March.