Jusuf Kalla: 2019 Elections Most Complicated in World  

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  • Jusuf Kalla

    Jusuf Kalla

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Vice President Jusuf Kalla has said that the 2019 general elections were very complicated, thus the police should be ready to take on any potential problem.

    "If the system is complicated, it is possible to have many problems," he said at the Vice Presidential Palace in Jakarta on Monday, June 25.

    Kalla claimed the 2019 elections were the most complex in the world, as Indonesians must cast five ballots to elect members of the House of Representatives, the Regional Legislative Councils for provinces and municipalities/regencies, Regional Representatives Council, the president and the vice president.

    JK estimates there are about 400 factors that must be considered at the polling stations, and that it will take two days for the election officers to conclude their recapitulation. 

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    Kalla said the vote tally in the upcoming election was knottier as it adopted the open system as opposed to the closed one. With the open system, he continued, a vote for a party meant also a vote for its candidate. Kalla said this system should be evaluated so as to produce a simple election. 

    JK also highlighted the complexity of the current presidential and vice presidential election system. He said a presidential hopeful was selected based on the results of the legislative election five years ago.

    "So, it is difficult for the candidates, and the system is also complicated," Jusuf Kalla said. 

    Indonesia will hold its elections in 2019, where the legislative and presidential elections are slated to be held simultaneously.