Kontras Questions AGO Investigation on Human Rights Violations

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  • TEMPO/Lucky Ramadhan

    TEMPO/Lucky Ramadhan

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The coordinator of the Missing Persons and Victims of Violence Commission (Kontras), Yati Andriyani, questioned the reason why the Attorney General mentioned the obstacles to resolve the past human rights violations through legal action because of limited evidence.

    "It is unreasonable if the difficulty of collecting evidence is obstacles in resolving the past human rights cases," Yati said when contacted by Tempo on Saturday, June 2.

    Attorney General Muhammad Prasetyo earlier said it was difficult to resolve the cases of serious human rights violations in the past through legal action because of the events that have been occurred for too long. It resulted in the difficulty of obtaining new evidence or witnesses.

    Prasetyo said that he must repeatedly return the file of investigation submitted by Komnas HAM because it does not contain any evidence. Therefore, according to Prasetyo, the most realistic option today is through non-judicial action such as reconciliation.

    "At that time we propose to resolve it by non-judicial approach, reconciliation, that is the most possible to do," he said.

    Yati does not believe if the obstacles in resolving the past human rights violations are difficulty in collecting evidence or new witnesses. She also questioned the process of the investigation conducted by AGO.

    "The investigation team has been formed or not, what investigation has been done," she said.

    According to Yati, the obstacles in solving the cases of serious human rights violations are in the willingness of the Attorney General to resolve the case.

    "If it continues like this, there is no attempt to resolve the case," she said.

    Yati also deplored the action of President Joko Widodo who submitted the case to the Attorney General without taking a clear policy, while the AGO submitted it to Komnas HAM.

    "It's like [they] hands-off," she said.