Amien Rais Reminds Jokowi, His Fate Can Be Like Ahok in Election

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  • Amien Rais (left). TEMPO/Imam Sukamto

    Amien Rais (left). TEMPO/Imam Sukamto

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Former Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly Amien Rais said the fate of President Joko Widodo or Jokowi as the incumbent in the 2019 Presidential Election could be similar with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok in the Jakarta elections.

    “No one can determine besides the God's will," said Amien Rais in Cibubur, Tuesday, May 29.

    Amien said although Jokowi has strong electability, it does not guarantee that he is able to continue the leadership for the next period.

    Amien, who is also the Chairman of the Advisory Council of Brotherhood Alumni 212, exemplifies the failure of Ahok as the incumbent in the Jakarta governor elections.

    "Ahok was strong as the incumbent, but he was defeated by Anies-Sandi," he said.

    But Amien said that all candidates are welcome to compete in 2019, Jokowi, or Prabowo or other candidates to compete fairly.

    According to Amien, the powers will not last forever, now there is a call for two periods, on the contrary, there is also a movement to replace the president.

    "Let God decides, for God will give power to whom He will, and remove from whom He will," he said.