11 Lion Air Passengers Hospitalized Following Bomb Joke Aftermath

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Due to the false information, Frantinus Nirigi who claimed to carry a bomb in the airplane cabin of Lion Air JT 687 with destination to Jakarta from Supadio Airport in Pontianak provided, 11 passengers sustained injuries and had been taken to the hospital.

    The incident started when Nirigi was asked by a flight attendant named Cindy about what is inside of his belonging on the plane that will depart at 18:10 pm. Nirigi then jokingly said he brought a bomb inside.

    The statement was heard by another passenger and making them hysterical. “The flight attendant already tried to calm the passenger, but the panic was inevitable,” said the Public Relations of West Kalimantan Regional Police, Senior Commissioner Nanang Purnomo, May 28, 2018.

    The injured passengers who were hospitalized are Fikri Musanip, Suwarni, Hin Djap, Purnama Sari, Rusli and Iyan Wijaya. Passengers who sustained small injuries are Dadang, Bao Yi, Jafar Alqari, Ferdi and a child.

    Nirigi was arrested by airport security officers while the plane was checked. As a result, security officers did not get any suspicious items or bombs. Nirigi was taken to the headquarters of the Pontianak Police headquarters to undergo examination.

    The student of Social and Political Science in Tanjung Pura University was originally going to fly to Jayapura before he was arrested. In the examination, Nirigi confessed he only brought a laptop inside his bag.

    Nirigi is threatened with imprisonment for his joke. Based on Law No. 1 of 2009 concerning to aviation, Article 437 paragraph 1 stated that every person who submits false information that endangers the safety of flight as intended in Article 344 letter e shall be subject to imprisonment for a maximum of 1 (one) year.

    If the joke then resulted in the death of a person, according to paragraph 3 of the article, the suspect can be sentenced to a maximum of 15 years in prison. This event instantly became viral on media social. A netizen managed to take a video footage as a hysterical passenger gets out of Lion Air's plane and stands on the wing of the plane.