PGI Urges Political Elites Not to Comment on Surabaya Bombing

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  • Bomb blast at churches in Surabaya. AP Photo/ Trisnadi

    Bomb blast at churches in Surabaya. AP Photo/ Trisnadi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - General Secretary of the Indonesian Churches Alliance (PGI) Golmar Gultom urged all political and community elites to stop commenting that further distorts the state of terror threats in the form of bombing in Surabaya churches and a few days ago at the Brigade Command Headquarters.

    "We appeal to the political elite and public to stop any comments that further complicate the situation," said Golmar in a written statement received by Tempo on Sunday, May 13.

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    He asked the political elite not to use these violent and terrorist incidents to gain political and momentary interest because the price at stake is the future of the nation.

    He also urged the public to stop spreading the photos and videos about acts of terror in Surabaya today. Because according to him, it actually paved the goal of terrorists that spread fear in the community.

    "I urge people to spread love and peace through the media," said Golmar.

    Regarding the incident, Golmar said that for whatever reason, violence was never able to solve the problem and would only give birth to a cycle of violence that ended in destruction. He also believes there is no religion that teaches violence and murder. Any religion, according to him, teaches humanity, peace, and love.

    "Misguided thinking that brings religious followers to act violence and terrorism," he said.

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    Therefore, Golmar said religious leaders need to be more aware of the emergence of supporters of violence and acts of terrorism that wrap evangelists or preachers. He argues that the deradicalization program of BNPT will be useless if the community actually gives the stage to religious leaders who spread radicalism and violence through its da'wah.

    "So I appeal to religious and community leaders not to give support and sympathy to perpetrators of violence and terrorism, whatever their motives," said Golmar.

    Furthermore, he asked the public not to fear the threat of terror that occurred, both today in Surabaya and a few days ago at Brigade Command Headquarters.

    "We do not need to fear the threat of terrorism but leave it entirely to the handling of the state."