Police Shoot Suspected Terrorists En Route to Mako Brimob

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  • The Tambun underpass in Bekasi regency.

    The Tambun underpass in Bekasi regency.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The police's anti-terrorism unit Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88) ambushed four suspected terrorists who were allegedly heading to the Police Mobile Brigade headquarters (Mako Brimob) on early Thursday morning when the prison riot was still taking place. Two of the four suspected terrorists were shot dead. 

    According to an eyewitness report, street vendor Ade (50), Densus 88 personnel ambushed the suspicious men at around 01:30 a.m. near the Tambun underpass in the Bekasi regency. “There were loud sounds of gunfire heard from the location,” said Ade. 

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    Ade further revealed the police personnel had waited for the suspects at a nearby kiosk and immediately stopped a car heading to Bekasi. “They arrested four people and headed towards Jakarta,” said Ade, who said the police ambush only lasted for 15 minutes.

    Based on Tempo reports, the four suspected terrorists have been identified by their initials only as RA, AM, HG, JG. Meanwhile, RA died after sustaining injuries and JG is currently still in treatment at the Indonesian National Police Hospital in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, after sustaining a gunshot in the leg.

    The police highly suspected that the men were heading to the Mako Brimob while the standoff between terrorist inmates and the police was still underway.