A Way to Travel Around Indonesia Without Transportation Cost

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Traveling around Indonesia perhaps is listed on everyone’s bucket list considering the country has more than 17,000 islands with its typical scenery. But the cost usually hampers the plan.

    However, if you are eager to visit all Indonesian regions with a low-cost budget, you could try to join Hitchhiker community. This Jakarta-based traveler community invites the members to travel around the country by getting lifts from passing vehicles without paying.

    “We did not spend any cost for transportation. We look for a lift,” said Hitchhiker member Ejie Belula while presenting her event during 2018 Indofest at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Sunday, May 6.

    Hitchhiking is initially long done by backpackers from the United States and Europe in a bid to suppress their travel budget considering the transportation commonly needs a high cost.

    However, Ejie mentioned, there are risks that many hitchhikers might face, for example, susceptible to sexual assault or robbery. “But if we have a goodwill, we will safely arrive in our destination,” she added.

    Ejie and her community have traveled to several regions in Indonesia, including Papua. She recalled hiking a ship to head Papua by directly asking the captain who then permitted her with conditions such as a letter from the community and produced an article of her journey. The writing was published on her blog.

    Ejie Belula said it is not possible that many people interested to join such a cheap trip. She added everyone can register as a member and try to take a trip without purchasing public transportation ticket.

    She further noted the would-be member should have a strong intention and mentality. “Then it requires strong physics.” More information about Hitchhiker community can be obtained through the social media Instagram.