Protesters Demand Unpad Rector to Step Down from His Position

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - During the 2018 National Education Day on Wednesday, Gelora Community Action Group of Padjadjaran University (Unpad) held a protest against the work performance and policy making of Unpad Rector Tri Hanggoro Achmad within the past three years.

    “It’s fitting that [Tri Hanggoro] should resign immediately now,” said Unpad Statistics Department lecturer Achmad Bachrudin directly to the Rector in a dialogue.

    The group that protested consists of 50 people comprising of students, lecturers, and maintenance crews. The group feels that the Rector’s policies were too centralized, premature, unlawful, and does not consider the opinions of Unpad residents.

    Furthermore, they assessed that the Rector and other managements has failed to manage Unpad democratically, which includes guaranteeing student’s freedom to express themselves and being too centralized with an anti-criticism approach.

    An example of the rector’s rushed policies includes the failed joint preparation stages (TPB) program in 2016 that had a negative effect towards the students’ scoring. They also questioned several other policies that had negative effects towards the Unpad maintenance crews and cleaners.