Education Day: KPAI Shows 84% Students Suffer Violence in Schools

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  • Illustration of violence in school or bullying. TEMPO/Nickmatulhuda

    Illustration of violence in school or bullying. TEMPO/Nickmatulhuda

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - In the National Education Day, the National Commission for Child Protection (KPAI) Commissioner for Education Retno Listyarti expressed her concern that in 2018 thus far, 84 percent of students across the country experienced a violence in schools.

    “The number of violation case in the school is quite high, either conducted by students to each other or teacher to student and vice versa,” said Retno in a press release dated today, May 2.

    Based on KPAI data, 40 percent student at age 13-15 years old claimed to have suffered from physical abuse by their friends. Meanwhile, 75 percent students admitted they have done violence act. In addition, 50 percent students reported having bullied in school.

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    Retno stated the violent act was not only done by the students but also the teacher. As many as 45 percents of boys and 22 percent of girls revealed that the teacher or school’s staff are among the perpetrators.

    “[The abuse is] starting from the beatings until the unusual punishment such as licking the toilet, as happened to a student in North Sumatra, and also the slapping did by SMK teacher to his students in Purwokerto,” said Retno.

    KPAI further recorded that throughout the first quarter of 2018, the complaints received were related to physical abuse and victims of the policy at 72 percent. Nine percent of them were on the psychological abuse, four percent on the extortions, and two percent on the sexual abuse.

    Retno further urged the Ministry of Education and Culture to massively socialize the Ministerial Decree No. 82/2015 on the countermeasures and deal with the violence in education to the teachers and educational bureaucrats.