Police Block #2019GantiPresiden Community from Holding Event

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The community supporting for a presidential turnover in the upcoming election, known by its hashtag #2019GantiPresiden, has cancelled its plan to hold a Sunday run during Jakarta’s car-free day.

    “We didn’t get the police permit, so we cancelled [the morning run],” said Ade Selon, Chairman of Jakarta’s Youth Movement on Saturday evening, April 28.

    According to Ade, the community’s permit was denied because police maintained that Jakarta’s car-free day is only meant to accommodate sporting and environmental activities which is consistent to Governor’s Decree No 12/2016.

    “I only believe in this, friendly gatherings (silaturahmi) will only expose God’s grace,” said Ade, who also maintained that the event was originally as a friendly gathering among members and was not meant to be a form of campaign.

    “It’s only circling the Hotel Indonesia roundabout wearing the #2019GantiPresiden t-shirt. Well it is [heading to the elections],” said Ade. The letter they sent to the police mentioned that the event would not be a political rally.

    The community planned to gather members from other regions this morning at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout to hold a morning run wearing the t-shirt with a hashtag that went viral in the last couple of weeks.