Observer: Amien Rais` Speech at Jakarta City Hall Unethical

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A political observer from Padjadjaran University, Muradi, said Amien Rais`s speech at Jakarta City Hall on Tuesday is not ethical. Muradi said Jakarta City Hall is part of the central administration and it is not part of the facility for practical politics.

    “It is obvious that Pak Amien wants to make the Jakarta City Hall as a new axis and a resistance to the Palace (central government)," Muradi said on Thursday, April 26.

    Previously, Amien Rais became a speaker at an event of women Muslim clerics called "Ustadzah Peduli Negeri" in Jakarta City Hall.

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    In front of the women presented at the event, Amien said President Jokowi is unlikely to win the 2019 presidential election because his electability decreased below 50 percent. Amien also briefly pointed at Jokowi's photo while giving the speech.

    “If all of you care about the country and doing nothing; it is impossible. We have to move (do something),” Amien said.

    Muradi explained Amien Rais did not show a good example in giving criticism. He viewed that as a public figure, Amien may convey his political views but not in government offices.

    "By doing so, people will be antipathy to Pak Amien," he said.

    Muradi hopes that the Jakarta Regional People’s Representative (DPRD) responds to Amien Rais's action. He said the DPRD should clarify whether the Jakarta City Hall can be used as a media of practical politics.