Boat Explodes Carrying Jakarta City Officials on Sunday

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Nine people were injured in an explosion involving a boat owned by the Thousand Islands’ (Seribu Islands) Transportation Agency on Sunday morning, April 22.

    “Yes, a boat exploded this morning,” said Ari, North Jakarta’s firefighter call center employee last night. “Contact the Jakarta Transportation Agency for further information.”

    Based on the information Tempo gathered, the victims of the exploding boat were Head of Administration Sub-Division Dhani G who sustained a broken leg while eight others sustained injuries because of the fire.

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    The burn victims include the Head of Jakarta’s Transportation Agency Infrastructure Unit Anton and his son, Head of Financial Subsection Achdin, Head of Central Jakarta Implementing Unit Haribowo, Head of South Jakarta Implementing Unit Didi, Alan, Maryunas, and Iim.

    Four of them were taken to Koja Hospital in North Jakarta while police are currently still investigating the cause of the incident involving a boat that was initially meant to transport 47 Jakarta Administration Officials that were headed to the Pramuka Island, Panggang Island, and Thousands Island.

    According to eyewitness testimony, the boat exploded just seconds after the engine was turned on around 09:00 am while passengers were loading and the boat was docked.