Govt to Launch Anti-Hoax Portal on Friday

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  • Illustration of Anti Hoax

    Illustration of Anti Hoax

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Ministry of Communication and Informatics with the community of Siberkreasi and the Anti-Defamation Society of Indonesia (Mafindo) will launch the Stop Hoax portal to prevent the circulation of fake news. The portal would act as an aggregator in confirming the truth of the online news.

    "This is a collaboration to create an aggregator portal so that people can easily check the hoax on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networks," said the Public Relations head at the ministry, Noor Iza, on Wednesday, 11 April.

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    The 'Stop Hoax' portal will be launched on Friday, April 13. Iza explained that it will later collaborate with other institutions, communities, and other ministries to prevent the circulation of fake news.

    Iza said the portal will display a row of news links with short descriptions that explain the truth of the site. Later, users will be directed to the news link.

    “So people know whether the information is true or not (hoax),” said Iza.