Prabowo`s Speech of Indonesia in 2030 May Reduce Millennial Vote

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  • Jokowi and Prabowo fast breaking together

    Jokowi and Prabowo fast breaking together

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Voxpol Center Research and Consulting Executive Director Pangi Syarwi Chaniago believes that Prabowo Subianto`s speech suggesting Indonesia would seize to exist by 2030 will cost him millennial`s votes. Pangi argues that Prabowo’s statement places pessimism at the forefront, which is against the spirit of the millennial generation.

    “Millennials are optimistic, [Prabowo’s] statement of Indonesia would no longer exist in 2030 will surely reduce the number of votes from millennial groups,” said Pangi at a public discussion on young people’s participation in political parties yesterday, April 6.

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    Pangi further explained that young voters represent 40 percent of the total votes in Indonesia or about 80 million votes. He further analyzed that the Gerindra Party Chairman would take a big blow on his electability.

    He regrets this fact considering that Gerindra is one of Indonesia’s political parties that have attracted the interest of the millennial generation apart from Indonesia Solidarity Party (PSI) and the Indonesian Unity Party (PPI).

    Previously, Prabowo Subianto said in a speech that Indonesia will possibly collapse by 2030. The statement was based on a novel entitled Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War written by P.W. Singer and August Cole.

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