Here are 15 Payment System Companies Recognized by Bank Indonesia

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bank Indonesia’s payment system policy department head Onny Widjanarko announced the 15 financial technology (fintech) companies that are officially listed as payment system providers. BI’s next step is to have these companies to go through a regulatory sandbox.

    Fintech companies in the payment system category heading to the regulatory sandbox must be able to offer innovations and must not be too exclusive.

    “This way, the system can be used by the masses,” said Onny on April 2.

    The fintech companies listed by the central bank include Cashlez Mpos, Pay by QR, Bayarind Payment Gateway, Toko Pandai, YoOk Pay, Halomoney, Duithape, Saldomu, Disitu, PajakPay, Wallez, Lead Generation Credit Scoring Check Loan Market Place, Netzme, Mareco-Pay, and Ipaymu.

    These officially BI-listed companies can open a partnership and integrate its system with banks or other permitted payment system providers.

    Onny said that only one company out of the 15 that has reached the regulatory sandbox phase, which is TokoPandai that operates under PT Toko Pandai Nusantara. This company offers technological innovations that are yet domestically available.

    TokoPandai uses a business-to-business platform that enables micro businesses to use a single transactional canal for payments that can make it more efficient and easier compared to the general payment systems that are based on three canals.