PPI of China Denies Indonesian Students Learn Communist Ideology

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Chairman of the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) of China Guangzhou Branch, Respati Anintyo, said the information stating all the Indonesian students in China studying communist ideology is not true. According to him, the communist ideology is only required for local students only.

    "We as the foreign students are not required to participate, but we are welcome to choose a special class for foreign students, the Brief Introduction of China (Chinese Geography and Culture)," said Respati when contacted from Jakarta on Monday, April 2.

    The information was circulated from a national news website. The International Political Science Students of the International Relations Faculty at Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China disappointed at the author.

    “Specifically for foreign students who study politics, law, philosophy, state administration, indeed in some campus are required to take the class (communist ideology)," he said.

    In the university website system, the foreign students are automatically inserted into the system that requires taking the Brief Introduction of China course.

    “Political ideologies such as communism, liberalism, realism, even Pancasila ideology and all ideology around the world must be studied,” he said.

    Regarding the information, the PPI China makes a statement, an objection to the title and content on the news website because it can cause unrest. Respati is willing to open a discussion concerning the life of Indonesian students studying in China.