Fake Eggs Hoax Spreader Influenced by WhatsApp Chain Message

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The person who allegedly spread the fake egg hoax through a viral video clip, Syahroni B. Daud (49), apologized to the public in a press conference held by Police`s criminal investigation cyber unit.

    “I once again offer my apology for wrongly assuming that the eggs were fake,” said Syahroni today, March 27, at Johar Baru Market where the press conference and the viral video was first known to take place.

    Syahroni said that the viral video of him testing several eggs at the Johar Baru Market was made after his son purchased eggs, which he thought were fake eggs based on shady information he received in a Whatsapp message.

    “I tested the eggs that I bought with the Smart Jakarta Card to determine whether it fit to what the Whatsapp chain messages suggest,” he said.

    He then went to the Johar Baru market to conduct an amateur test. Once he arrived at the market, Syahroni informed several visitors and merchants in the market upon the existence of fake eggs. He also exhibited a test that he thought would prove if an egg is authentic or not.

    Unfortunately, a video of him testing the eggs at the market went viral. “My general knowledge is very limited, and the eggs that are available are genuine eggs. None of them are fakes,” said Syahroni. However, he claims that he does not know who recorded him. 

    Kartika Anggraeni