Observer: Prabowo`s Speech Can Backfire Him in 2019 Election

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A political observer of Charta Politika Yunarto Wijaya said the speech of Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto who declared Indonesia to be dissolved in 2030 could backfire in the 2019 Presidential Election. Yunarto said the speech gave the impression that Prabowo is pessimistic about Indonesia.

    "The statement will be counterproductive for him electorally," Yunarto told Tempo on Wednesday, March 21. Yunarto said the speech was propagandistic, big talk, and speculative.

    In the speech uploaded by Gerindra’s social media, Prabowo said, "In other countries, they have made studies, in which the Republic of Indonesia has been declared to be dissolved in 2030," he said.

    Yunarto said it would be better if Prabowo offered a solution rather than just criticizing the government.

    "It's actually the main variable of society when choosing a leader at the presidential level." The community expects its leader to be charismatic and have political power, as well as to give solutions.

    In the video, Prabowo argued about the sovereignty of the country which he said that 80 percent of the state land, only one percent which controlled by the Indonesian.

    "It's awful if we talk (about the country`s sovereignty), but there's no time for us to pretend anymore," Prabowo said.