Asian Games 2018: Ecubes UK Provide 10 Hydrogen Fuel-based Cars

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  • TEMPO.COPalembang - Jakabaring Sports Complex, Palembang, South Sumatra will be given 10 units of hydrogen fuel-based mini cars and several double-decker buses as the transportation means during Asian Games 2018.

    The UK energy and technology company IMS Ecubes Arcola provides the accommodation to support the sports event free from fossil-based vehicles such as gasoline and solar, as conveyed by South Sumatra Governor's expert staff Najib Asmani after the meeting with Ecubes Arcola leader Aleksander Gerbec in Palembang, Friday, March 16.

    The environmentally-friendly vehicles will arrive before the opening of 2018 Asian Games in August. Najib explained his office currently finalizing the MoU and the technical implementation in the field.

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    Ecubes Arcola claimed to committed supporting mobile power plant. “This is based on the Paris Agreement in which implementing non-fossil-fueled vehicles in 2020,” Najib said.

    Jakabaring Sports City (JSC) Secretary Mirza Z Mursalin asserted as a region-owned company assigned to manage Jakabaring area, his company issued a regulation that no gasoline or solar fuel-based vehicle is allowed to operate in the area during 2018 Asian Games.

    Up to date, he went on, JSC has prepared 18 units of golf cars and large buses that powered by hydrogen.

    The vehicles are provided for athletes, officials, and also spectators who will enter Jakabaring Sports Complex during the Asian Games 2018. While visitors’ conventional vehicles will be placed in two parking area outside the JSC. "We didn’t just prohibit but also prepared a solution," he said.