Sociologist Comment on the Danger of Hoax Infested Political Year

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  • Illustration of Anti Hoax

    Illustration of Anti Hoax

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gadjah Mada University sociologist Arie Sujito said that hoax and hate speech that commodifies issues of ethnicity and religion has intensified heading towards the 2018 simultaneous regional election and 2019 presidential election.

    Arie argues that hoax-related issues are a threat towards democracy and Indonesia’s nationalism if it is not quickly handled. He urged the police to investigate the intellectual actors and funders behind what seems to be a systematic attempt.

    “We urge and trust that the police will be able to expose the perpetrators, funders, and even the intellectual actors behind these hoaxes,” said Arie in a public discussion on hoax at the Digital Culture Syndicate in Jakarta yesterday.

    According to him, hoaxes and hate speech has proven to cause numerous conflicts and a crisis of confidence that is a major threat towards the quality of Indonesia’s democracy in the future.

    “That is where the anger and social conflict occurs, because of hoaxes,” said Arie.

    Nahdalatul Ulama Online Director Muhammad Syafi’ Alielha (Savic Ali) said that hoax is the consequence of a political battle rather than political identity.

    “Power struggle and the desire to eliminate other in a zero-sum game battle has made hoaxes continue to thrive,” said Savic.

    Savic saw that almost every major political momentum in Indonesia are exposed to hoaxes which include the upcoming regional elections and the presidential election that can potentially make hoaxes continue to prosper.