Hanura Supports Wiranto as Jokowi`s Vice in 2019 Election

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The People Conscience Party (Hanura) Chairman Oesman Sapto Odang announced the Board of Trustees Party Chairman Wiranto as vice president to be promoted in the 2019 presidential election to pair with the incumbent president Jokowi.

    "It is appropriate for me to say that Wiranto is my candidate for the next vice president," Oesman said in his speech at the launching event of party number at his private residence on Thursday, February 22.

    After declaring Wiranto as Vice President from Hanura Party, Oesman asked his cadre to stand up and support his decision. "State Wiranto as Vice President," he exclaimed.

    Oesman also called on his cadre to display image of Wiranto in each party office branch as a form of full support from the party. 

    Last Sunday, February 18, the General Elections Commission (KPU) drew the serial number for political parties who will participate in the 2019 presidential election. Hanura Party got the number 13.

    Previously, Oesman hoped to get the biggest odd number for Hanura. At the drawing, he was so happy as to know his party got the number 13. "In Islam, 13 is a blessing figure," he said.

    Chitra Paramaesti