7 Signs of a Materialistic Partner

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - For those who are materialistic, money, status, and material comfort are more important than love and affection.

    When you run out of money, they may not hesitate to betray you. Here are the signs that your partner is a materialist, quoted from Boldsky:

    1. Curious to know about your annual income, financial background, assets and social influences, even at the first meeting. Even before knowing your personality, a materialist will try to find out how big your wallet is.

    2. Obsessed with status. A materialist seems only talking about status, self-interest, money, material comfort, new clothes, cars, luxury homes, celebrities, vacations, and so on.

    3. Never paid the bill. Every time a materialist goes out with you, you need to bring a thick wallet to pay for all the expenses.

    4. Sometimes, a materialist asks for money and will never return it. Never thought twice about using your money for their needs.

    5. When a materialist upset with you, an apology can only be done if you give a very expensive item or jewelry.

    6. Try to befriend only with people with high status. All their friends have expensive cars and high social status.

    7. When you give something expensive, a materialist will shower you with praise and during ordinary days, they make you feel like a loser.