Bawaslu to Block Accounts Spreading Hoaxes During Elections

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) will block or take down a number of social media accounts that spread hoaxes or hate speech during the general electionsThe Agency will work with cyber crime, Communications and Information Ministry (Kemkominfo) and platform as social media providers including Facebook, Twiter and a number of other provider.

    If platform does not want to take down or block the hoax-spreading social mediawe will ask Kemkominfo. We have made joint commitments with platform and Kemkominfo,” Bawaslu head Abhan said in Semarang on Saturday (3/2).

    Abhan admitted accounts containing hoaxtribal affiliations, religion, race and societal groups (SARA) and hate speech will first be traced by Police cyber crime divisionBawaslu will later review the content.

    We involve Police Cyber Crime to trace the owner of the accountsThey can then be charged with Electronic Information and Transactions(ITE) Law,” Abhan said.