Indonesians Prefer Online Shopping Through Desktop

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  • Online shopping.

    Online shopping.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -IPrice Group`s research noted that Indonesia ranked first as a country in Southeast Asia with the highest percentage of using mobile phones while visiting an online store.

    In the second quarter of 2017, there was 87 percent of online shoppers recorded that accessed online stores via mobile phones.

    However, the number of visits to online store sites is not directly proportional to the decision to make a purchase (conversion rate) through the same device. IPrice Group Senior Content Marketer Andrew Prasatya said that Indonesian people prefer to do the online transaction via desktop rather than mobile phone.

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    “This is seen from the conversion rate graph based on the type of traffic,” said Andrew in Jakarta, Tuesday, January 30.

    The conversion rate of desktop traffic is 200 percent higher compared to the mobile phone. Overall, Indonesia's conversion rate is 10 percent higher than the average in Southeast Asia. It is equal to Singapore and 20 percent higher than Malaysia, said Andrew.

    “In terms of user, the possibility is that people are more comfortable to see goods on the desktop, they can open other products, and compare the prices. In terms of buying, it is usually more comfortable through the desktop," said Andrew.

    The research was from the data processing of more than a thousand iPrice e-commerce partner in Southeast Asia. About 200 of them are the e-commerce in Indonesia. Andrew said that the findings are the result of millions of samples of data that was collected since the third quarter of 2016 through the second quarter of 2017.