Most Indonesians Shop Online During Office Hours

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  • Online shopping illustration. credit: Shutterstock

    Online shopping illustration. credit: Shutterstock

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A research conducted by iPrice Group showed that the peak hours for people ordering items on online shops takes place at 11:00 a.m. Meanwhile, the conversion rate of people visiting and purchasing items on online shopping websites is on Wednesdays.

    “The number is 69 percent higher than the average number of orders for Indonesian e-commerce,” said the iPrice Group Senior Content Marketer Andrew Prasatya on Tuesday, January 30.

    Andrew said that the average hours of an Indonesian consumer shopping online is at 16:00 up to 17:00. This is a contrast compared to most Singaporeans that mostly shopping online at 16:00 up to 23:00 local times.

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    Regarding the conversion rates, iPrice recorded that Wednesdays are 12 percent higher compared to other days in the same week. But on Sunday, Indonesia’s conversion rate drops 30 percent compared to other days in the week.

    Andrew pun menjelaskan alasan conversion rate lebih rendah pada akhir pekan, yakni penggunaan telepon seluler yang lebih banyak dalam mengakses toko online

    According to Andrew, the reason for the lower conversion rate on the weekend is due to the user’s activeness in accessing e-commerce through their cellphones. The percentage of smartphone users who shop online during the weekend is 82 percent on Friday, 88 percent on Saturday, and 90 percent on Sunday.

    Highest conversion rates more often originate from desktop computer users, which is 200 percent higher than mobile phone users.

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