Serpong-Cinere Toll Road Project Will Finish in 2019

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - PT Cinere Serpong Jaya, the Serpong-Cinere toll road investor, revealed that the construction progress of its freeway project until mid-January has only reached 8.6 percent.

    President Director of PT Cinere Serpong Jaya Silvester Aryan Widodo is optimistic that the construction and the operation of 10.14-kilometer highway can be completed in 2019, as it targeted.

    "Physical progress is 8.60 percent and land procurement progress has reached 61 percent," he said in a press release on Tuesday, January 23.

    According to Silvester, to achieve the target, the company made a number of acceleration efforts, one of which is by speeding up the process of land acquisition. The acceleration of land acquisition is done by the company, by funding from its own fund. Meanwhile, the land acquisition has started since 2016.

    "In addition, together with officials of the land acquisition and the National Land Affairs Committee, we communicate to the people and landowners around the construction site of toll road project and entrusted the land without the owner to the Tangerang District Court," said Silvester.

    The construction of the toll roads that began in 2008 was once constrained. Then it was rebuilt in September 2017, after PT Jasa Marga Tbk. together with PT Waskita Toll Road and PT Jakarta Propertindo took over the shares that owned by previous concession holders.