Saturday, 14 December 2019

Bank Indonesia: Foreign Debt Rises USD 347 billion

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  • The logo of Indonesia's central bank Bank Indonesia

    The logo of Indonesia's central bank Bank Indonesia

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bank Indonesia (BI) recorded that Indonesia foreign debt until November 2017 amounted to USD 347.3 billion. The number is a 9.1 percent increase year on year (YoY).

    Based on borrower group, the public sector experienced a significant increase in foreign debt. Through the Foreign Debt Statistics, the central bank published that the position of the public sector foreign debt is US$176.6 billion during the same period. That number grew 14.3 percent year on year compared to 8.4 percent in the previous month.  

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    Meanwhile, foreign debts in the private sector in November 2017 experienced an increase of US$170.6 billion or a 4.2 percent increase (YoY). 

    Based on the term of the debt, the structure of Indonesia foreign debt was still dominated by long-term debt at the end of November 2017, with 85.7 percent of the total foreign debts. Meanwhile, the short-term debt was at 14.3 percent or a 19.8 percent increase YoY.

    Bank Indonesia considers the foreign debt increase until November 2017 was still under control. This is reflected, among others, from the ratio of Indonesia foreign debt on the gross domestic product (GDP) recorded stable at the level 34 percent.

    Indonesia foreign debts were focused on four sectors such as the financial sector, processing industries, electricity, gas, and mining.

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